Saturday, 3 January 2015

Project Ready Steady Cook

Salam everyone!
For the past month or so , I  have formally introduced my 2 and 3 years old to formal cooking lessons. Alhumdulillah they are really enjoying it.  We call it our Sunday bake off.
My daughters have been playing with cooking dough and helping out with cold food all along, I thought it was about time to introduce them to the hot stuff.
We started off with making cupcakes and decorating them with gel and they loved it. They didn't mind getting their hands dirty and  putting the tray in the oven. It also helped them to do their maths by counting the cups and worked their gross and fine motor skills by mixing the different ingredients and decorating their cupcakes. My 2 year old decorated her cupcakes using the gel frosting to write letters of the alphabet, while my 2 years old used the gel to draw shapes.
I also introduced them through this to their first 'science' lesson. I let them put the tray in the oven, so they can realise how hot it is, and watch how the cupcakes became bigger as they were cooking. They were all excited about it and even told me to be careful as it is really hot. It has created awareness of hot and burnt in them while cooking. Alhumdulillah now when i cook, and i stay away you might get burnt, they actually understand what I mean and even comment about it.
So far, we have made jellies which required them using a whisk on a hot stove, and my little girl even told me the whisk has to be  a big otherwise her hand would touch the pan and it would burn. Some people may think they are too young for this kind of stuff, but I would like to reassure you, I supervise every action they make and do take over where I think it would be too dangerous. We decorated our jelly with fresh satsumas which made a healthy dessert for them.
Recently, we made some pancakes using chocolate tablet. I showed them how we melt the chocolate using hot water and they both attempted the exercise. They enjoyed their new science experiment and are always asking to make pancakes nowadays.
Cooking is not only a family activity now but it also relaxing, therapeutic and a good method of learning and teaching.

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