Saturday, 3 January 2015

Yezarck's Magical Touch

Salam everyone.

I had been staying over at my friend Yezarck over the Christmas holidays. And obviously, needless to say , an artist den was the best place for children to get creative with all the resources around. My youngest seemed pretty much intrigued by Yezarck's sketch book and decided to leave a few contributions there. I am putting up some pics of my kids doodles transformed by Yezarck, even though there is many more, and some that she is still working on. This woman can get the best out of nothing. She is a talented artist Mashallah Tabarakallah based in the north east with roots in Africa and the Carribean which can be seen in her work.
On top of that, she also makes wonderful artwork on glass such as the very sturdy glass jars (pictured below), she gifted my daughters. It is amazing how they are still in shape after all the torture they have been through but they seem to to never break. My daughters love them and use them like piggy banks and pencil holders.
She also make beautiful jewelry boxes with name engraved on it in Roman alphabets and in Arabic. Lovely gifts for young girls.
Please have a look at her websites and feel free to buy anything from her as most (if not all) of the money gain from the sales goes to the people in Syria.

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