Friday, 6 February 2015

Clare's law- A way to escape domestic abuse?

Clare’s law- A way to escape domestic abuse?
A scheme allowing people to find out if their partner has a history of domestic violence has been used by more than 5 people a day attesting the violent past of partners or future partners.
Clare's Law - named after Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009 - came into force across England and Wales in March 2014.
This is subhanallah an amazing scheme. It can help save so many brothers and sisters from a turbulent and violent relationship. Although so far only women have been using it, men also can use it. It works like a CRB or DBS check, where the police gives you information about whether your partner or potential partner has had a violent past. This type of information is not only available if your partner or potential has been convicted but even when no charges were pressed.  If the police feel you might be at risk, they would disclose such information to you. Furthermore, it gets even better as they can actually tell you if you are in or getting into a relationship with a violent partner without you asking for it (though I personally believe this only happens in extreme cases).
Subhanallah, like it’s often said, you do not really know someone until you live with them.  And many men and women will vow this is true. For Muslims, who are seeking to get married, this is indeed a godsend. A lot of people cannot find partners and check that the information given to them is right, sometimes families and friends do not know it all, just because someone belong to a good and respectable family, doesn’t automatically mean they are too. And, a lot of people are now turning to matrimonials or aunties who try to find ‘the one’ for you, how can you verify that all the information about the one is right. Well, Clare’s law is the answer. People like to hide their dirty past, some will say it’s between me and Allah, which is true, but withholding information is not right either especially if it concerns somebody’s future. People should have the right to make sensible and measured decisions based on the information. Some may choose to go ahead even if information of abuse is disclosed (some people do change with Allah’s help), others may not feel so comfortable with it. But, I think this is great way of making informed decision and knowing the risk you may be taking.
Can you use it, when the proposal has been brought through someone you trust (family/friends) why not? You are not undermining your friend/families intention by looking out for potential danger, even those people may not be aware of the full story. And if someone is not comfortable with the idea with you checking things up then I guess something must not be quite right. We are expected to trust complete strangers and devote the rest of our lives to them, but that’s what they are until we are married to them: strangers!

Feel free to let all your friends and family know, Allah knows best, you might be helping in saving a life.

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