Twycross Zoo Day trip

The long awaited Twycross Zoo trip finally arrived. I have been buzzing for weeks about this. This is like THE trip. I know there is not much excitement in my life. I love travelling. I love visiting and discovering new things and places. But, when you are a single Mum with a toddler and a baby it is probably not easy to do any of the above.
This is the trip organised by our local Surestart Children Centre. I am so thankful for this trip. I knew my eldest would love it. She loves animals even though she thinks most animals are called 'monkey'. Her favorite animal is the elephant and luckily the elephant is one of the main attraction at Twycross Zoo. We have been up since 7.30, which is probably normal for us. Had a quick breakfast, got ready and dashed to the Children centre to be there for 9.00. I thought it was a bit cold when we left the house, but the weather was so much better later on during the day.
There were 2 coaches full of Mums and kids going to Twycross Zoo. And I am talking about 2 big coaches! There was so many people who could not actually get a ticket to go to the trip. I think the price we paid for was really good, £6.50 for an adult and £2.50 for a child; zoo ticket and bus fare included. I guess it paid out for us to be regulars at the Children centre. We were given priority as people who regularly ( we probably attend every session there is during the week) attend playgroups.
Anyway, we left the centre at about 9.45 and got there for 10.30. While we were on the coach it looked like it was going to rain, and I started to dread our ittle outing. But, thankfully, the weather cleared up when we got there. I am not the type of Mum who likes their children being dependent on them so I try to make them do as much as they can on their own, not because I am lazy. I just think it is good if they can be independent and fend for themselves, then they do not need to rely on others. Anyways, my eldest had been out of nappies before she turned 2, now she is 2 years and 3 weeks. We have been very far since she's been out of nappies, the furthest we have been is to town, and I can of already planned how I am going to get her to toilets and stuff in town. This was just a bit worrying for me. I was absolutely amazed and over the moon, she did not wet her pants even once and told me whenever she needed the toilet. We probably went to the toilet about 5/6 times there but I did not even have to prompt her, she just let me know whenever she needed it. I feel so proud of her. Our hardwork has finally paid off.
This was not my only surprise. I have a double buggy and for quite a while now I have been making her walk while holding the buggy, but she would normally ask me to sit down after a while though to be honest she walks more than most kids of her age do. Yesterday, I decided to take my single pushchair out and let her walk, and she walked all the way from home to the park and back home and she did not throw any tantrums or moaned or anything. I though we are going out for a whole day, so she might get tired or want a nap so I took the double buggy and to my surprise whenever I asked her if she wants to sit down, she told me no. So, she actually walked the whole day from 10.30- 15.00. I could not be any more proud of her. I did think though she is probably going to fall asleep soon cos of all the walking, but she only managed to get a 10 minutes nap on the way back home. When we got home she just made a mess everywhere which I made her clean up before going to bed. I could not believe she still had all that energy,she did not fall asleep until 20.30.
I don't want my baby to feel left out. She has been a good girl as well. She turned 11 months today and she's also doing amazing for her age. She was either smiling or sleeping and sat all on her own in the coach and did not even cry or moan once. She's nearly walking now and she loves showing off how she can stand. Whenever she pulls herself up and she stands, she looks around to see if anyone is looking at her then clap her hands.
We had a really good family outing and we enjoyed the company of all our friends. I would have love to see more animals at the Zoo, but we saw everything they had which is the main thing. I don't think the kids really cared about how many animals were there. My eldest got proper excited just looking at a hen and its chicks. probably cos she knew what it was, and it was not a 'monkey' but a 'chicken'. 
Next time, I will just take her to the local farm where she can see chickens and its totally free!

Always Proud_Mum
PS: Just I am finishing writing this up my daughter just laughed and smile in her sleep, probably thinking about the animals. x

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